Zoe’s Story


Zoe is 28 years old, the oldest child of 3 raised by a Pastor and a Counselor, imprinting an appreciation of all things spiritual with an awareness of mental tendencies. She has spent her life enticed with movement and psychology, but felt a sense of lack in both realms. Zoe experienced her first yoga class in her college gym in 2012 and shortly after implemented a daily home practice, although not understanding the relentless pull to her mat. After graduating with a degree in Psychology and Fine Arts from CNU in 2014, she moved to Richmond with a fierce drive and calling to deepen her yoga practice and pursue her teaching certification, and never looked back. In 2017 she graduated with her 200 Hour Vinyasa/Hatha Teaching Certification under the direction of Yogi J Miles with Om On Yoga. After graduating, she was enthused to begin teaching and grew roots with True North Yoga RVA, a lovely studio in Northside where she experienced gaining regular yoga students and experienced her love of teaching. 

When Zoe discovered yoga, she found a missing link that began piecing back together the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of herself for a sustainable, long-term discipline that no other movement practice had offered, not found in the perseverance of running or swimming, not in the gracefulness of dancing, other passions of her past and present.


Yoga uses the physical to uncover a spiritual and mental path towards transcendence and integration, she was a patient witness as it gradually tapped into the mundane parts of her life and made them sacred. 


Zoe has always had a love for understanding each human psyche that crosses her path and has been known for her empathy and compassion towards others since she was a child. Her unique background, personality, and passions have allowed her to inevitably develop skills in teaching. This led to the creation of a consistent and reliable transformational yoga class suitable for any individual, regardless of age or body type. She aims to create a safe and sacred place where students can explore letting go parts of themselves that are normally on display, or hidden away in our busy world.


While still teaching at True North, Zoe began piecing together a weekly schedule and began teaching at Gyms and Nursing Homes, finding a deep love in teaching accessible Chair Yoga to Seniors, a preface for the future. Zoe has always wanted to make yoga more inclusive and accessible. She was active in the BLM protests this summer, which influenced her to change her then-current handle of  ‘Zoe Yoga RVA’ to something that showed yoga wasn’t something individual to her, that yoga is meant for all. She was determined to find a name that all types of people could relate to. In the summer of 2020, the creation and transition to Move to Breathe began. Like many of us, 2020 was a transformational year. For Zoe, she realized that so much of her movement was motivated by her drive to feel like she could breathe, a mental space of clarity and ease, a space we each search for.

Zoe utilizes a blend of mindfulness tools, philosophy tidbits, creative sequencing, hypnotic playlists, and poetic metaphors for an experience in which the individual is able to approach a place where the nervous system is calmed, breath and movement is observed, and the mind is not acting as the sole leader, a place of surrender that each of us craves and deserves to implement into our regular lifestyle. 

Zoe is a dedicated student and is a sponge for soaking up new information to better serve herself and her students. She is deeply evolving as a yogi and spiritual leader with each class she guides, as her own innate wisdom is being exercised, explored, and then integrated, whether in a gym, studio, community center, or chair class. She has long-time passions in other wellness worlds like curating meals based in plant-based nutrition and designing strength-based exercise routines. She is conspiring how to combine them all to further serve. 


Zoe is thrilled and excited to have started last fall at VCU as a Graduate student in the Gerontology Masters Program. Gerontology, the unique study of optimal Aging and Older Adults, will serve Zoe as a foundation to support her desire to innovate health care systems, serve an honorable, growing demographic of society, and  strengthen her understanding of how to thrive being human. She is eager to have support as she navigates testing out how to meet our body and mind as we age and is so thankful for each step of her journey that has led her here. She is proud to be a part of this tight-knit VCU family, together dismantling the dire perspective most of society possesses of getting old, naturally contrasted by the philosophies of acceptance and growth carried within yoga. Zoe and her teachings are evolving quickly with her studies as she continues to pair the science of Gerontology with the ancient knowledge in yoga. 

She will forever be inspired by the wisdom found in the trees and the flowing James River, dancing and hula hooping to live music, painting, and spending time with those she loves (especially with a coffee, tea, or camera in hand). Zoe is a teacher, a student, an artist, an athlete, a writer, a friend. 

Zoe is as multidimensional as every person that meets her on her path.

Thanks for being here!